Get an address by ID

To get the details for a specific address linked to an account, first find the address ID using the Get addresses list endpoint and then use the Retrieve an address endpoint.

    "zip_code": "04514050",
    "country": "Brasil",
    "address": "Rua de Teste",
    "city": "São Paulo",
    "address_type": "RESIDENTIAL",
    "active": true,
    "creation_date": "2019-06-28T17:42:08Z",
    "org_id": "TN-f60b5e18-9f53-46ce-953b-b81ddfd12345",
    "number": 10,
    "account_id": 16787293,
    "complementary_address": "apto 123",
    "mailing_address": true,
    "last_update": null,
    "id": 1234567,
    "neighborhood": "Vila Mariana",
    "state": "SP"

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