GCP event file configuration tutorial

This article steps you through configuring Google Cloud Platform (GCP) for event file notification delivery. This requires you to create two things in GCP:

  1. Google Cloud project – A project "is a set of configuration settings that define how your app interacts with Google services and what resources it uses."

  2. GCP Bucket – A bucket is a container for storing your data. Everything that you store in Cloud Storage must be stored in a bucket.

For this tutorial, you need

  • A Google Cloud account

Configure GCP for Pismo file delivery:**

  1. Go to the Google Cloud website and log in to your Google account.

  2. Navigate to the GCP Console.

Select or create a project:

  1. Select the project dropdown menu to the left of the search field.

Screen capture of Select a project selection.

  1. Select an existing project, or click New Project to create a new one. If you select an existing project, skip the next two steps.

  2. Enter a project name and click Create.

  3. Select the project you just created from the Notifications menu or from the projects dropdown menu.

Select or create a GCP bucket:

  1. Navigate to the Cloud Storage tab within GCP Console.

Screen capture of GCP Console.

  1. Select an existing bucket, or click +Create Bucket to create a new one. If you select an existing bucket, skip the next step.

  2. Enter a bucket name, then click Create at the bottom of the form.

Screen capture of the area to Name your bucket.

  1. Send the information to Pismo.

    After you create your GCP bucket, you need to send the following info to Pismo:

    • The GCP Project ID
    • The GCP Bucket Name

    In the following image, the project ID is "pismo-integration-project", and the bucket name is "my_pismo_file_bucket".

Bucket detail screen capture.

  1. Pismo will create the necessary resources and send you a GCP IAM Service Account ID that you can use to give Pismo permission to send files to the bucket.

Give Pismo permission to send files

  1. Go to the GCP bucket that you created.

  2. Select the Permissions tab and click +Add.

Permissions screen capture of the GCP bucket.

  1. In the New Principals field, paste the GCP IAM Service Account ID that Pismo sent you.

Screen capture of the New Principals field.

  1. Click in the Select a role field, and select Cloud Storage > Storage Object Creator.

Screen capture of the filter.

  1. Click Save.

Screen capture showing how to save changes.