Corporate accounts

You can create a corporate account with Pismo Corporate banking that enables you to define, precisely, the relationship between you and your client. Use the Create a corporate account endpoint to associate customers with specific divisions, programs, applicant options (such as government IDs), and so on.

The APIs enable you to meet the needs of your clients because they don’t rely at all on legacy tools, but exist 100% in the Cloud. You can make an account for a company in Berlin, for example, that deals primarily in euros and interacts with customers in Italy, Croatia, Serbia, and Montenegro. The APIs enable you to tailor details that pertain to your customer.

Conversely, you can create an account for a different Berlin-based company that interacts with North and South American firms, interchanging funds based on U.S. dollars. The Pismo Corporate banking APIs make this differentiation simple and efficient.

In more specific terms, the Pismo Corporate banking APIs enable you to create relationships that define the interactions among entities. You can define a parent account with multiple dependent child accounts, for example. Berlin company number two in the previous example is the parent; subsidiaries in Mexico and Uruguay are children. You can take that much further by creating accounts for clients in Mexico City, Guadalajara, Ciudad Juárez, and Montevideo. An account can have multiple children, but only one parent. A group of one parent and all its child accounts is called an account family.

The Pismo Corporate banking APIs enable granular details for accounts. Depending on local regulations and business rules, for example, a customer may need to store account information beyond the basic customer document number, name, phone, and address. For corporate applications, this information may include details such as the account manager's name, internal credit rating, relationship length, and so on. For this, use the custom fields available in the Create corporate account endpoint, inside the applicant object.
If any specific validations need to be performed on those custom fields, it is possible to do so by attaching a JSON schema to the division, through the Patch division endpoint.
For more information, jump to the Corporate banking API Reference documents, starting here:
Create corporate account