Create customer

Create a new customer. The customer object defines a person or a company associated with an account. Each account contains at least one customer. You can add multiple customers to an account but only one can be the account holder. Other customers can have their own individual cards, but the balances on those cards must be shared with the account holder.

This endpoint generates a customer_creation-1 event.

If the customer.is_owner property is set to true:

  • the account holder will be changed to this new customer and all existing customers will remain active in the account.
  • this endpoint generates an account_owner_change-1 event.

If the customer.is_active property is set to true and the Maximum number of card holders program parameter is set, this customer is counted in the limit of maximum number of card holders for an account.

A customer has an associated entity object. If one isn't passed in the request, the platform creates a default one.

See the Core objects and Customer objects guide for more information.

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