Account limits report files

The account limits report contains the consolidated account limits from the previous day. The files for this job are saved in your designated cloud storage container in the reports/accounts_limits/ subfolder. See Report file generation and path for more information.

The following table lists the account limits report fields.

Org_IDstringOrganization ID
RefDatedateDate that the account limits report file was generated
Account_IDintAccount ID
ProgramNamestringAccount program name
Program_IDintAccount program ID
AccountStatusstringAccount status
MaxCreditLimitdecimal(3,2)Maximum issuer-granted account credit limit
AvailableCreditLimitdecimal(3,2)Available credit limit
TotalCreditLimitdecimal(3,2)Maximum user-defined limit amount for purchases
TotalOverDraftLimitdecimal(3,2)Maximum issuer-granted limit for overdraft spending on debit accounts
AvailableSavingsAccountLimitdecimal(3,2)Current balance on an interest-bearing account
PercentageOverLimitdecimal(3,2)Percentage of MaxCreditLimit over the limit for purchases on credit accounts
HeldFundsdecimal(3,2)Amount held in reserve that the account holder can’t access, usually due to a legal action.