Account limits report files

The account limits report contains the consolidated account limits from the previous day, in the UTC-3 timezone. The files for this job are saved in your designated cloud storage container in the reports/accounts_limits/ subfolder. For more information, see Report file generation and paths.

  • Report frequency: Once daily
  • Reporting period: Previous day
  • Update type: Full

The following table lists the account limits report fields.

Field Data type Description
Org_ID string Organization ID.
RefDate date Date of the last closed balance of the account, in the UTC-3 timezone.
Account_ID int Account ID
ProgramName string Name of the program that the account is in.
Program_ID int ID of the program that the account is in.
AccountStatus string Account status.
MaxCreditLimit decimal (20,2) Issuer-granted maximum credit limit.
AvailableCreditLimit decimal (20,2) Credit available to the customer. The platform calculates this value based on the initial total_credit_limit and any relevant debit and credit activity on the account.
TotalCreditLimit decimal (11,2) Total credit limit as set by the user. This can be any value up to the max_credit_limit.
TotalOverDraftLimit decimal (20,2) Issuer-granted limit for overdraft spending on debit accounts.
AvailableSavingsAccountLimit decimal (11,2) Current balance applied to an interest-bearing account.
PercentageOverLimit decimal (11,2) Percentage of the maximum credit limit (max_credit_limit) made available for purchases over the credit limit on the account. When the credit limit is reached, the value of available_credit_limit field is negative in the event.
HeldFunds decimal (30,2) Amount held in reserve that the account holder can’t access, usually due to a legal action.