Search for accounting event types

Accounting events on the Pismo platform tell you which financial transaction produced the event along with its type. For example, event type id 124 represents International Withdrawal. This means when the Pismo platform creates a financial transaction for an international withdrawal, an accounting event occurs and its type is 124.

Accounting events then use the accounting scripts to create accounting entries. You can search for these accounting events on the Pismo platform.

Search for an accounting event type

There are two ways you can search for an accounting event type. You can either search for an event type by its ID or search for all types.

To search for an event type by its ID:

  1. Copy the event_type_id number from the response in the Accounting script.
  2. Paste this number into the eventTypeId field of the Search event by ID endpoint.
  3. Run the endpoint.

The event type ID and its description appear in the response.

To see all accounting event types:

  1. Go to Search Event types.
  2. Set the amount of event types that appear per page in the pageSize field.
  3. Set the page offset of accounting events in the pageOffset field.
  4. Run the endpoint.

The paginated list of all event types appear in the response.