Request a performance test

You can request a performance test to evaluate how efficiently your implementation on the Pismo platform can function. The test results return performance-related information, such as TPS measurements (min, average, and max) and number of pods in use. In addition to enabling production in advance of possible or doubts about system behavior.



  • Tests must be scheduled no sooner than 15 calendar days in advance.
  • Requests for performance testing must be analyzed and approved by Pismo.

Test data

Performance testing requires a data set to run against. You can provide your own data set or Pismo can generate an anonymized data set for you. You can also use a data set that you have already added to a Pismo test environment.

Open a request ticket

Open a Service Desk ticket and select the Performance Test option. You must fill in all the necessary data to proceed with the request.


Describing an issue

For more information about providing this information, see Describing an issue.

SummaryA short description of the test you want. Include the phrase performance test.
Test type
  • Migration: Validates system capabilities for base migration to the Pismo platform.
  • Platform: Measures the performance of your integration after a migration is completed.
DescriptionDetails of what will be tested, such as: objective of the test, volume to be tested, target average TPS to be achieved.
Date and timeWhen to run the test (you must specify a date no sooner than 15 calendar days in advance).
Entity to be testedSelect the check box for each entity type to be tested, such as Accounts
Need for test data?Choose Yes if you need Pismo to generate a data set to use for the test.
Responsible for test data generation
  • Pismo
  • Client (you)
EnvironmentSee Environments.
Share withSelect which company you are opening the ticket for.