Pismo Corporate banking APIs enable fine control over earmarks for reserving funds, holding funds, and releasing funds. You can use the APIs to prepare your organization for any contingency.

An account holder can create an earmark to schedule a cash-out (usually a payment), for example, to hold needed funds in reserve until a scheduled settlement date and time. At the specified time, an automatic process releases the earmarked funds and settles the cash-out. The fund release can be triggered by an event, a specified date/time, or a set schedule.

Setting no parameters or release schedule sets funds aside in perpetuity, funds that can be released in an emergency, a security event, or an absolutely essential company party to celebrate a milestone. Organizations can earmark funds for any purpose.

Pismo APIs enable fine-tuned control over earmarked funds. The default endpoint, Create earmark, enables you to schedule and release funds backed by a lot of controls. An additional endpoint, Create forced earmarks, provides the same options but with no validations for account status, account balance, or flex controls. The two endpoints provide the flexibility your organization needs for specific contingencies.

Pismo Corporate banking APIs enable your organization to set funds aside, schedule and reschedule payments, and cancel payments when necessary.

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