Configuring transaction types to not accrue charges

You can specify that certain types of transactions should not accrue charges if they are the only transaction types on the cardholder’s statement. This helps to reduce delinquency, since if these types of transactions are the only transactions at the end of the cycle, no value for Open Due Date is set, and the account as a whole does not accrue charges.


An account also does not accrue charges if the unpaid balance is less than the minimum amount defined for the program. See Calculating interest accruals for more information.

Use the program parameter IGNORE_ACCRUALS_IF_ONLY_TTS to specify which transactions should not accrue charges if they are the only transactions on the statement. This parameter takes an array of their transaction type IDs.You set this with the Update program parameter values endpoint. Set parameterID to 1, which is the ID for IGNORE_ACCRUALS_IF_ONLY_TTS, and use values to set the transaction type IDs.

For example, suppose the parameter ID of the annuity transaction type is 5, and you set IGNORE_ACCRUALS_IF_ONLY_TTS to an array containing only the number 5. Then, if only annuity transactions exist at the end of a cycle, the account is marked to not calculate accruals on the next cycle. However, if any other type of transaction is posted on the statement, then charges do accrue, even on the annuity transactions.