Set up disputes access

To set up access to the Disputes API in the Pismo platform:

  1. Inform Pismo of the card network you’ll be using and request access to the Dispute API in EXT. To do this, go to the Pismo Service Desk, select Settings then, from the drop-down menu, select Disputes Configuration.
  2. Contact your card network account manager and inform them that Pismo will process your disputes on their network.
  3. Submit forms to the card network to request access to Disputes UI, API key, and certificates.

Once approved, Pismo will:

  • Give your developer team access to the Disputes API in EXT with the information needed. For example, ProgramID or CardNetworkID.
  • Generate or request test data in the Card Network Test Environment.
  • Run the predefined test to check for any trouble.
  • Include issuer unique IDs in Pismo EXT and Production Environments, such as API Keys, Certificates, UserId, and Intermediate Certificate Authorities (ICAs).

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