Card network certification

Network certification for a card issuer refers to the process of obtaining approval from a payment network, such as Visa or Mastercard, to issue credit or debit cards that can be used within their network. Though you are responsible for getting network certified, a Pismo representative will help guide you through the process.

Note: You must certify with the card network with Pismo even if you have already certified with another processor or you have internal processing.

To obtain network certification, you must meet specific payment network requirements, which typically involve compliance with security and processing standards, such as the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). You must also establish a relationship with an acquiring bank that is a payment network member, which enables merchants, who have relationships with the acquiring bank, to accept the cards.

Once you have received network certification, you can begin issuing credit or debit cards that are branded with the payment network's logo and can be used at merchants that accept the network's cards. You are responsible for complying with the payment network's rules and regulations, including those related to card acceptance, transaction processing, and dispute resolution.

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Certification process

The card network certification process ensures that your cards meet the card network's technical, security and operational requirements, and all the network's member institutions can process them.

To become card network-certified, you must first submit an application to the card network that includes detailed information about your business, operations, and technical capabilities. The card network then conducts a thorough review of your application, including an assessment of your ability to comply with the card network's rules and regulations, and your ability to ensure cardholder data's security and privacy.

Once you have passed the initial review process, you must complete a series of technical tests to ensure that your card processing systems are compatible with the card network. These tests typically cover a range of areas, including card authorization and settlement, transaction processing, and data security.



Part of certification involves a Cryptographic process with Pismo and the card network.

Finally, you must demonstrate your ability to meet the card network's operational and customer service standards, including your ability to provide timely and accurate reporting, manage fraud and chargebacks, and maintain customer satisfaction.

Upon successfully completing the card network certification process, you are granted a card network Issuer Identification Number (IIN), which enables you to issue cards that can be used on the card network. You are also required to maintain ongoing compliance with the card network's rules and regulations, and to undergo periodic reviews and audits to ensure continued compliance.