Digital wallets

A digital wallet, also known as an e-wallet, lets you securely store end users' payment information, such as credit cards, loyalty cards, or digital coupons, and use them for payments without exposing sensitive data, such as the CVV or PAN, which might happen with a physical card or digital transmission.

A card stored and tokenized in a digital wallet is known as a card on file. To add a card to a Pismo digital wallet, call our Create card on file endpoint, which validates the card with an acquirer. This endpoint lets you execute a card owner validation/verification and returns a token representing the card you can use in Transfer funds calls involving a card.



Pismo is fully integrated with a number of acquirers (banks representing merchants). Check your acquiring options with your Pismo representative.

Third-party wallets

For information about using a Pismo card in a payment app like Apple Pay or Google Pay, see Third-party wallets (such as Apple Pay)

Other Pismo wallet endpoints