Faster Payments (UK)

The Faster Payment System (FPS) in the United Kingdom (UK) provides near-instant transactions between parties. FPS offers a real-time system, including confirmation to sender and immediate funds availability.

Faster Payment Services real-time payment system was introduced in 2008 and can handle real-time payments of up to £1M pounds, primarily serving mobile and online banking.

Pismo enables integration with Faster Payments for transactional flows (such as Inbound FPS and Outbound FPS), plus the onboarding and account lifecycle processes for establishing and managing user accounts in FPS.

Sample Outbound FPS endpoint request

  "creditor_account": {  
    "identification": "AA00AAA000000000000000",  
    "name": "Firstname Surname",  
    "scheme_name": "iban"  
  "end_to_end_id": "1374f841568e4ff4b3a63b023c1870ec",  
  "instructed_amount": {  
    "amount": 10.5,  
    "currency": "GBP"  
  "remittance_information": {  
    "reference": "Reference information"  
  "originated_overseas": {  
    "ultimate_debtor": {  
      "address": "501 Congress Avenue, Suite 150 Austin, TX 78701",  
      "name": "Luke Wharm"  
    "ultimate_debtor_account": {  
      "account_number": "123456",  
      "identification": "BOFAUS3N",  
      "scheme_name": "BIC"  

For general information regarding Faster Payments in the UK, see Faster Payment System.