Portfolio balance report files

The Portfolio balance report contains the portfolio balance events from the previous day. The files for this job are saved in your designated cloud storage container in the reports/portfolio_balance/ subfolder. See Report file generation and path for more information.

  • Report frequency: Once daily
  • Reporting period: Previous day
  • Update type: Full

The following table lists the Portfolio balance report fields.


The report's decimal values are rounded to the hundredths.

Org_IDstringOrganization ID.
RefDatedateDate that the Portfolio balance report file was generated
Account_IDintAccount ID
Program_IDintProgram ID
DueDaysintNumber of days account has been in arrears
AccountStatusstringAccount status
BalanceTypestringBalance type:
- OverdueRefinancing– Sum of overdue debts
- Refinancing– Sum of debts in refinancing/revolving
- AccruedRefinancing– Sum of accumulated revolving interest charges and IOF
- AccruedOverdue– Sum of accumulated late payment charges and fines
- InterestRefinancing– Sum of accumulated revolving interest charges on current cycle debts
- FixedIOFRefinancing– Sum of the accumulated fixed IOF charges of the current cycle
- IofRefinancing– Sum of accumulated IOF charges for the current cycle
- DefaultOverdue– Sum of accumulated deadweight charges of the current cycle
- FineOverdue– Sum of accumulated fines for the current cycle
- StatementRefinancing– Sum of invoice installments
- RefinancingPurchase– Sum of installment purchases
- OtherDebts– Sum of other debt
BalancedoubleTotal balance