CADOC 3040 report files


CADOC report

This is a CADOC report, defined by Brazilian Central Bank (BACEN). CADOC reporting is a requirement for all financial institutions that do business in Brazil.

The CADOC 3040 report contains the CADOC 3040 transactions from the previous day. The files for this job are saved in your designated cloud storage container in the reports/cadoc3040/ subfolder. See Report file generation and path for more information.

The following table lists the CADOC 3040 report fields.


Decimal values

The decimal values in this report are rounded to the hundredths.

Org_IDstringOrganization ID
RefDatedateDate the report file was generated
TypestringModality type:
- 01: Statement installment
- 02: Installment without interest
- 03: Overdue revolving credit
- 04: Revolving credit
- 09: Domestic withdrawal
- 10: Cash
- 13: Limits
Program_IDintProgram ID
ProgramNamestringProgram name
Account_IDintAccount ID
NamestringEntity name
EntityType_IDintEntity type ID
DocumentNumberstringDocument number
CreationDatetimestampAccount creation date
OpenDueDatedateOpen due date
AmountdoubleOperation date of modality
OperationDueDatedateOperation due date
OperationDatedateOperation date
PrincipalAmountdoublePrincipal amount
NumberOfInstallmentsintNumber of installments
InstallmentintInstallment number
InstallmentAmountdoubleInstallment amount
InterestRatedoubleInterest rate
Income doubleEither the monthly salary for an individual or the annual revenue for a business
InterestAmountdoubleInterest amount
IOFAmountdoubleIOF amount
AccountStatusstringAccount status