Data and reporting overview

The Pismo API data platform manages the events that occur during the course of normal processing. Events include account actions, transactions, payments, auditing, and so on. They provide you with comprehensive information for reporting and analytics and give you the ability to monitor product success, create metrics, send notifications, and generate business intelligence. Event notifications and data can be delivered in real-time (streaming event delivery) or periodically via file transfer (batch file event delivery).

Pismo APIs generate event notifications and data to your cloud storage provider – Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), or Microsoft Azure. In addition, for files, Pismo provides delivery via SFTP that does not involve cloud storage.

Both streaming and batch-file delivery require some initial configuration and setup. For more information, see:

For information on events and the data they provide, see Event data. For information on reports, see Scheduled report files.