Data and reporting overview

The Pismo platform's event-driven architecture manages the data events that occur during the course of normal processing. Data events include account actions, transactions, payments, auditing, and so on. This provides you with comprehensive and timely information for reporting and analytics and also give you the ability to monitor product success, create metrics, send notifications, and generate business intelligence.

Pismo generates two types of events:

  • Data events — Event notifications and data delivered in real-time (streaming event delivery) or periodically via file transfer (batch file event delivery) to your cloud storage. These events are built in to the Pismo platform and do not require client definition like account timeline events. Similar to timeline events though, many of the data events also pertain to account activity. For more information, see Data events.
  • Timeline events — Events that occur over an account's life cycle and are directed toward your end user. These constitute a separate event system to data events and do not require cloud storage. You need to work with your Pismo representative to define and set this up. For more information, see the Timeline events overview.


Timeline events versus data events

Timeline events are meant to deliver messages to your end users, such as a credit-limit notification in a mobile banking app. They are not the same as data events.