Main solutions

Pismo offers cloud-based platform solutions that enable banks, fintechs, and non-financial institutions to deliver cutting edge global financial products. These solutions share the following features:

  • Extensive RESTful API library with more than 600 integration endpoints
  • Auto-scaling cloud-based infrastructure
  • High-availability (24 × 7 × 365), multi-region processing
  • Cloud infrastructure certified for PCI, ISO 27001, and SOC II compliance
  • White-label web applications for routine operations, dispute management, back office, and product management.

Card issuing

With the Pismo platform, you can quickly and easily issue debit, credit, pre-paid, white-label, and private label cards. Pismo's card issuing system offers native integrations with major card networks with high security and resilience.

Card features include:

  • Instant tokenized (virtual) card creation with flexible expiration and dynamic CVV.
  • Card production integration with current templates.
  • Life cycle management (billing, refinancing, revolving credit, and debt restructuring).

Digital wallets

The Pismo platform enables you to create your own digital wallets to manage both buyers and sellers. You can use cards or tokens to pay from a Pismo wallet. Other features include:

  • Network and proprietary tokenizations for cards.
  • QR codes and other forms of token encoding.
  • Granular event-based information for user behaviour analysis.

Core banking

You can use the Pismo platform to build a suite of digital banking products — from deposits and savings to loans and overdrafts. Digital banking with Pismo offers:

  • Complete banking functionality, including ledgers, savings accounts, current accounts, deposits, and overdrafts.
  • Spending limits and controls at the account level.
  • Native integrations with credit card networks, anti-fraud services, card embossers, and other third-party providers.

Transaction banking

While retail banks are designed to serve individuals, transaction banking focuses on transactions between a bank and a large organization, such as a multinational corporation, lending for short-term expenses and long-term investments. The Transaction banking solution extends core banking features to meet the needs of institutional customers. Highlights include:

  • Model the bank's organizational structure using a flexible hierarchy of levels and divisions.
  • Manage holidays and weekends for different divisions.
  • Create accounts with parent/child relationships.
  • Create earmarks.
  • Automatically change account statuses based on inactivity.
  • Create a suspense transaction record upon authorization denial.

Online marketplaces

With Pismo, you can create a complete transaction-processing and seller-management infrastructure for both e-commerce and in-store purchases. The platform offers a complete solution for acquiring and settlement in a multi-country, multi-currency environment. Other benefits of Pismo digital marketplaces include:

  • Ability to manage vendors and buyers on the same platform.
  • Handle transactions from on-us and off-us merchants and settle them.
  • Functions for sellers to pay their creditors using their merchant accounts.

Digital lending

You can use the Pismo platform to create loan products tailored for your customers. With digital lending, you can:

  • Create personal loan products.
  • Create Buy Now and Pay Later loan products. (BNPL divides the total purchase amount into a series of equal installment payments, with only the first installment due at checkout.)
  • Manage the complete lifecycle of a loan.
  • Create loan simulations.
  • Perform instant booking.
  • Perform instant disbursement.
  • Perform loan repayment and settlement.