Validation codes for authorization events

An authorization event uses a validation code to indicate what type of action generated it. You can find the card network's validation code in the response_code field.

If a validation fails, the Pismo platform uses a custom validation code to provide more specific reasons for why it failed. You can find the custom code for an event in the denial_code field.

An authorization event falls into one of two categories: stateless or stateful.

A stateless event is independent of other events. For example, if an event indicates that an invalid expiration date was provided, then the transaction is over. Of course, the card holder can enter the correct expiration date, but when they submit the new data, a new transaction is generated – a transaction that is completely independent of the old transaction. So "Invalid expiration date provided" is a stateless event.

On the other hand, if a card holder reports a card as stolen, the platform generates a "Card status ROBBED or THEFT" event. The platform needs to do more processing after issuing this event – to block the card, for example. Since this is an on-going transaction, it's a stateful event.

The following tables list all the custom codes that the Pismo platform uses for authorization events. An event only contains one of these codes if validation fails. Approved transactions don't have custom codes.

Authorization validations

CC = Custom code, SL = Stateless, SF = Stateful, ZBV = Zero balance validation, VDC = Visa denial code, MDC = Mastercard denial code, TDC = TecBan denial code, RDC = RuPay denial code, EDC = ELO denial code, CD = Customer decides

OP1Generic errorBothX0563069605
OP1Incomplete transactionSLX1230303030
FR5Transaction made in Brazil with magnetic stripeSLX6357R95782
FR1CVV1 or CVC1 validationSLX8288571482
FR2CVV2 or CVC2 validationSLXN788571463
FR3IAV validationSLX6363066363
CEDInvalid expiration date providedSLX5454541454
FRHPOS (Point-of-Sale) entry mode validationSLX5858585858
FRECryptogram data validationSLX6357R95782
FRNChip field validationSLX6363R9E382
FROChip signature validationSLX8288R98182
FR6Password validationSLX5555555555
998Card hash not present in databaseSL*X1414561414
FR7Card not present in databaseSL*X1414141414
ANFAcceptance not foundSFX5757575757
IATInvalid account transactionSFX57575757AB

AC (credit)
CMDCard mode disabledSFX5757575757
(invalid mode)

AB (debit)

AC (credit)
VEVExpired virtual cardSFX5454545454
VNMExpired cardSFX5454545454
CTETransaction counter exceededSFX5454545454
CNDAccount blockedSF6257575757
TSMPassword tries exceededSFX7575387538
FATATC validationSFX6363010582
DCMOriginal authorization not found at refundSF1257125712
810Available insufficient balance validationSF5151515151
810Available withdrawal limit validationSF6161616151
LUTLedger timeoutSFNo96069696
LUEError on update LedgerSFNo96069696
PFTDenied by anti-fraudSF5963576359
FL6Card blocked by anti-fraudSF5957575759
MPCProgram config not foundSFX1496069696
PGEProgram config generic errorSFX1496069696
UBNNFC disabledSFX57575757FM
ISEInsufficient statementsSF5757065757
NCVEntry mode not allowed with no-CVMSF5757575757
REDOperation not allowed by rulesSF5757575757
REDRules do not honorSF5757575757
REDRules internal errorSFNo96069696
LUDLimit update duplicated ID errorSFNo96069696
RAEError on authorization amount calculationSFNo96069696
RADRates API denialSF57575757
LCTLedger account timeoutSFNo96069696
LNFAccount not foundSF1414561414
LAEAn unexpected error happened while fetching the account informationSFNo96069696
PCTA timeout occurred in processing code definitionSFNo96069696
PCEUnexpected error in processing code definitionSFN096069696
STDDenied by second authorizerBothXNo9696
DCEdistributor-api communication errorBothXNo960696
ACEnetworktransactions-api communication errorBothXNo96069696
DCCDCC transaction not allowed for programSF5757575757
DICInvalid country for DCC definitionSF5757575757
DIYInvalid currency for DCC definitionSF5757575757
PRNProgram not foundSFNo96069696
PICProgram has invalid currency codeSF5757575757
PRTA timeout occurred while fetching programSFNo96069696
PREUnexpected error while fetching programSFNo96069696
ZBPPartial authorization response invalid in Zero balance purchases.SFXNo96069696
CV3CVC3 not configuredSFX5757575757
IMFInvalid message formatSLX1230303030
ZBUUnavailable endpoint, zero balance client webhook returns 503 status code.SFXNo96069696
ZBTZero balance API exceed time allowed. Timeout exception.SFXNo96069696
ZBFZero balance client webhook returns 403 status code, forbidden.SFXNo96069696
ZBAZero balance API returns 401 status code, unauthorized.SFXNo96069696
ZBEZero balance API returns general errorsSFXNo96069696
ETRExceed time to reversalSFX12
HCEHSM communication errorSLXNo96069696
ZBDZero balance API returns general errorsSLXCDCDCDCDCD
GCDGift card denialSLX57
CGECard generic errorSFXNo96069696
CETCard timeoutSFXNo96 069696
CNCAccount cancelledSF6257575757
CNUAccount status unknownSF6257575757

Card status validations

Any card status validation returns the denial code 05 for an account inquiry transaction type.

Custom codeCard statusStateful or statelessCard issuer authorizationVisa denial codeMastercard denial codeTecBan denial codeRupay denial codeELO
BNRROBBED or THEFTStatefulX4343434343
CSUCARD UNKNOWNStatefulX1457565714

Card token validations

Custom codeCard token statusStateful or statelessCard issuer authorizationVisa denial codeMastercard denial codeTecBan denial codeRupay denial codeELO
Z26Not foundStatefulX1414575712
Z27Status unknownStatefulX1457575712
Z30Token was found but does not match with cardStatefulX1457575712