Transactions IOF report files

The Transactions IOF report contains the IOF transactions from the previous day. The files for this job are saved in your designated cloud storage container in the /reports/transactions_iof/ subfolder. See Report file generation and path for more information.

The following table lists the Transactions IOF report fields.


The report's decimal values are rounded to the hundredths.

Org_IDstringOrganization ID
EventDatetimestampEvent date and time (ISO 8601)
AccountingDatedateAccounting date
OrgDocumentNumberstringCPF of card/account carrier
Account_IDintAccount ID
DocumentNumberstringCPF of card/account carrier
NamestringName of account owner
TransactionDescriptionstringDescription of transaction
TransactionType_IDintTransaction type ID
IsCredittinyint1 if transaction is a credit. 0, otherwise.
BaseAmountdoubleAuthorization value
IOFAmountdoubleIOF amount
RatedoubleFixed IOF rate. For example, 0.38
AdditionalRatedoubleVariable IOF rate. For example, 0.01118
Transaction_IDintTransaction ID
Program_IDintProgram ID
ProgramNamestringProgram name
EntityType_IDintAccounting entry ID
DueDatedateDue date of the transaction (for postpaid transactions)