Setting up event filtering

All events produced by a Pismo application are received and can be shared with other Orgs on the Pismo platform (and with external subscribed applications). By default, when you subscribe to an event source you receive all generated events. However, you can filter events (enable or disable sending them) based on:

  • Event type
  • Events sent from a specific domain

Event filtering enables more efficient and focused delivery of data that is relevant to the customer's needs. In addition, if you share events with a partner Org, you can use event filtering to prevent exposing critical details of your business to this third party.

The following figure shows the flow of filtering and sending different events (represented by color) from one Org to a partner Org.


To implement event filtering, contact your Pismo representative. Provide the filtering scheme that you require:

  • *.<event_type> β€” Enable/disable sending a specific event type from any domain.
  • <domain>.* β€” Enable/disable sending all events from a specific domain.
  • <domain>.<event_type> β€” Enable/disable sending a specific event type from a specific domain.

Once Pismo team finalizes the request, events are filtered from then on.