Account limits

An account has limits (for credit accounts) and balances (for debit accounts) as attributes.

available_credit_limitAvailable account balance (for debit accounts)

Available credit balance (for credit accounts)
granted_limitMaximum credit limit (granted by a credit analysis).
max_credit_limit(Credit programs only) Customer's credit limit, provided by the service provider. This attribute is required.
percentage_over_limit(Credit programs only) Allows the user to access funds beyond the current available credit limit.

This value is calculated using the following formula: ((max_credit_limit * percentage_over_limit)/100) + max_credit_limit

When the limit is reached, the value of available_credit_limit field is negative in the event.
total_credit_limit(Credit programs only) Credit limit configured by the user (cannot exceed max_credit_limit).


The granted_limit and max_credit_limit parameters have the same function — granted_limit is used when creating an account and max_credit_limit is used when working with credit and balance limits.

For more information about attributes, see Account attributes.