Rate limiting

Rate limiting sets a maximum number of simultaneous requests through an API, protecting the stability of the Pismo platform, and keeping users from experiencing a degradation of service during peak times. When a rate limit is reached, the platform returns the HTTP error code 429, as specified by RFC 6585 - Section 4.


Rate limits are added to APIs as needs are identified.

Preparing for high volume

If you expect to process a high volume of simultaneous requests, visit the Pismo service desk and create a service ticket to work with Pismo on defining the best approach for your scenario.

Best practices

To keep from experiencing the rate limit error, follow these best practices:

  • Load testing in the production environment is prohibited.
  • Create a retry mechanism with an exponential backoff for when an error code is encountered. This involves creating a series of retry statements that send a decreasing amount of requests, spaced out in exponentially growing increments. For example, you can send a retry request after 2 minutes, then after 4 minutes, then after 8 minutes, and so on. Once you have determined an appropriate retry interval, this pattern can be followed until all requests are handled successfully.