Account status

The account status refers to the current state of this account. Every account is created with the status NORMAL. The following table describes the available values for account status.

NORMALAccount is active. Allows both cash-in and cash-out, based on the limits of this account.
BLOCKEDAccount is blocked. Allows cash-in only.
This is a temporary status, so it is possible to change it to NORMAL or CANCELLED when needed (details below).
CANCELLEDAccount is cancelled. No cash-in or cash-out allowed.
This is a final status, so you must use a different endpoint to roll back this status (details below).


The Pismo platform doesn’t support account deletion. When you need to close an account, use the Update account status endpoint and set the account status to CANCELLED.

Change account status

To change the status of an account, use the Update account status endpoint.


If for some reason you need to recover a cancelled account, you can use the Roll back account status endpoint.

Account status reasons

Optionally, you can specify the reason for the change to a specific status. For example, an account may become BLOCKED due to a court order or because of a fraud attempt.

How to add reasons


There is currently no endpoint for adding reasons. To add reasons to your organization, you must contact Pismo and provide the parameters and values described in the following table. You must provide this set of parameters for each reason you want to add.

accountstatusStatus to which the reason is mapped (see above). This value is a string, and Pismo recommends using it as an enumerator.
codeUnique ID (within your organization) of the reason.
descriptionBrief, human-readable description.

How to list reasons

You can list the currently available reasons for your organization using the List account status reasons endpoint.


The reason parameter passes the reason code (an integer), not the status (a string). To get this value, call List account status reasons to list all reasons and then use the correct reason value to call Update account status.