Scheduled payments

You can schedule a payment to occur at a future date and time with the Scheduled transactions endpoint. This endpoint performs the following validations before the payment is scheduled:

  • Is the future date a holiday?
  • Is the date greater than 30 seconds from the current time?


curl --request POST '' 
-H 'x-tenant: <organization ID>' -H 'Content-Type: application/json' 
-d '{
    "descriptor": "P2P payment",
    "from": [
            "custom_info": {
                "type": "CASHIN",
                "external_id": "e731652e-87d5-4acb-8f32-cb5cfd095a12"
    "to": [
            "amount": 200,
            "currency": "GBP",
            "account": {
                "id": {accountId}
    "payment_datetime": "{TIME_FUTURE()}"


{ "Id": "b5413016-5ede-460d-8553-74a6fbec822c" }

You can use the returned Id in other transaction endpoints.

After scheduling a transaction and before it is executed, you can use the following endpoints: