Managing account statuses

Managing inactive/dormant accounts

Corporate banking has a process called Dormancy Status. This is an automatic job that runs daily to:

Corporate banking has an account status called Dormancy, which applies to an account that does not perform any transactions for a given period of time. Inside the Pismo Platform, that is done through an automated daily process that:

  • Checks for accounts without transaction activity.
  • Changes their status according to the parameters attached to the division.

You can specify the number of days of dormancy (no transaction activity) before automatically changing an account to a specific status and assigning a reason for the change. These parameters must be applied by division through the usage of the Update division endpoint.


curl --request PATCH \
--url https: // \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--data '
    "job_params": {
        "inactive": {
            "days": 60,
            "reason_id": 123
        "unclaimed": {
            "days": 180,
            "reason_id": 456
        "dormant": {
            "days": 360,
            "reason_id": 789

The available account statuses for this feature are:


The available account status change reasons for this feature are:

  • ANY

If a transaction is posted and the current account status is one of these above mentioned statuses, then the account's status should change to NORMAL.


Account-status change reasons must be mapped to the Org. This is configured during the Setup of the Org.


    "status": "BLOCKED",
    "update_children": true