Corporate banking overview

Pismo's core platform has traditionally focused on retail banking, which serves the general public. Retail banking delivers basic banking services, credit, and financial advice. Corporate banks, on the other hand, provide services that are specifically designed for large companies, rather than for individuals.

Besides offering all core features, the Pismo platform enables corporate banks to create corporate demand deposit accounts (DDAs) and manage complex operations in a multi-country, multi-region, and multi-branch structure. Corporate banking features include:

  • Modeling the bank's organizational structure using a flexible hierarchy of levels and divisions
  • Managing holidays and weekends for different divisions
  • Creating account families (accounts with parent/child relationships)
  • Collectively updating an account family’s status
  • Performing balance validation before account family closures
  • Creating triggers to get notifications about the account balances

Benefits you get

  • Manage complex overseas operations and transactions between accounts
  • Multi-hierarchy structure management
  • Quick product development and launch
  • Complete account lifecycle management
  • Fine transaction controls
  • Data streaming for reporting and analytics
  • Always-on, zero-batch processing

Products you can build

  • Current accounts
  • Overdraft accounts
  • Virtual accounts
  • Multi-currency accounts
  • Correspondent bank accounts
  • Corporate cards