Cancel earmark

Cancel the previously set earmarked payment to release the held funds and prevent the earmark from executing at its scheduled expiration date/time.

See the Data and reporting guide for more information on events and setting up event notifications.

For more information about earmarks operations, see the Earmarks launch reference guide.

This endpoint produces the follow events:


  • This endpoint requires an account-specific access token. Getting an account token requires you to call the Get OpenID access token endpoint with an external account ID. Tokens can expire quickly, which can result in an unauthorized message.
  • The events Platform authorization created and Transaction created include "corporate_metadata" in the "metadata" and "details" fields respectively. The "corporate_metadata" contains the following fields:
    • debit_external_account_id: The debited account in the creation operation.
    • earmark_id: The created earmark id.
  • The event Earmark created, updated, or canceled only contains internal_operation that refers to the operation performed (Earmark cancellation), it does not contain the complete list of all actions performed on the earmark.
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