Update earmark

Updates earmark balance. Funds set aside by using Create earmark.

This endpoint produces the follow events:


  • This endpoint requires an account-specific access token. Getting an account token requires you to call the Get OpenID access token endpoint with an external account ID. Tokens can expire quickly, which can result in an unauthorized message.
  • The events Platform authorization created and Transaction created include "corporate_metadata" in the "metadata" and "details" fields respectively. The "corporate_metadata" contains the following fields:
    • debit_external_account_id: The debited account in the creation operation.
    • earmark_id: The created earmark id.
  • The event Earmark created, updated, or canceled only contains internal_operation that refers to the operation performed (Earmark update), it does not contain the complete list of all actions performed on the earmark. If the update action does not change the earmark amount, the internal_operation field is empty.
  • If the account has any reason-based force debit restrictions, the force earmark update fails. The reasons that restrict force debit operations are:
    • Credit Only - No Force Debit Allowed
    • Any - No Force Allowed
    • Manual - No Force Allowed
  • To get respective reason IDs, refer to the List account status reasons endpoint.
  • The maximum number of internal operations inputs (updates that change the earmark amount) allowed is 2,000. Updates that exceed this limit returns a bad request error.
  • Earmark balance cannot be reduced to zero as a result of this operation, system returns a bad request error when balance is reduced to zero. However, if this is what you want to do, use Cancel earmark instead.
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