Orgs endpoint deprecation

As of August 2023, Pismo has begun the deprecation of endpoints related to Orgs. Deprecating the old endpoints is necessary due to the implementation of the new Orgs-core API, which uses the Go programming language. This change also resolves potential security concerns.

Deprecated endpoints

The following table lists the deprecated endpoints and the new endpoints that replace them. The new endpoints are available now in the test environment (EXT) and in production. For information about relevant dates, see Deprecation schedule.

Deprecated endpointReplacement endpoint
GET /orgs-core/v1/orgs/{id}GET /orgs-core/v1/orgs/{id}
GET /orgs/v1/programs/{programId}/duedates
GET /orgs/v2/programs/{programId}/duedates`
GET /statements-v2/v1/programs/{programId}/due-dates
GET /orgs/v1/programs/{programDueDateId}/duedate/nextGET /statements/v1/accounts/{accountId}/next


If your services use any of the deprecated endpoints, you must switch to the new endpoints in your production environment before the deprecated endpoints are decommissioned. For more information about deprecation, see API life cycle and deprecation strategy.