Customer objects

The customer object defines a person or company associated with an account. Each account contains at least one customer. An account can have multiple customers to support functionality such as joint accounts and credit cards that use the same account balance among multiple customers. A customer can have multiple accounts also. For example, a person, John Doe, may have an account associated with a corporate credit card and another account associated with a wallet.


No parameters are set at the customer level, but several account parameters use the is_owner attribute for validation.

Applicant and document number

The applicant object represents the customer who is the account holder. It requires a document_number attribute, which is a unique number such as a government-issued tax ID.

The applicant object also requires either a personal or company object.

  • Use personal if a person legally holds the account.
  • Use company if a company legally holds the account.

Personal attributes

The personal object has many optional attributes and requires at least one of the following attributes:

  • name – person's legal name
  • social_name – person's nickname or other name
  • printed_name – person's display name

Company attributes

The company object has many optional attributes but requires only the name attribute.