Migrate account to different program

The Pismo platform allows you to migrate an account from one program to another. For instance, if a cardholder wants to upgrade their credit card program, use this endpoint to do the migration.

Migration is permitted only if both programs (origin and target) have the same:

  • Program type – For example, you can migrate from Credit to Credit and from Prepaid to Prepaid, but not Credit to Prepaid.
  • Currency – For example, USD to USD only or BRL to BRL only.
  • Brand (if applicable) – For example, Mastercard to Mastercard.
  • Due date (Credit programs only) – Account due date must be available in the target program.


To verify program details, use the Get program details endpoint.

Changing due date for credit programs

If there is a conflict in due date between the account and the target program, you can change the due date in the account or in either the source or target programs:

New card request

When an account is migrated successfully, a new card request is needed to issue the customer a new card that corresponds to the new program.