Tracking Service Desk tickets

Pismo uses JIRA Service Desk to track your issues via tickets. After you create a ticket, you can then track its status and monitor its progress.

To track Service Desk tickets:

  1. Go to
  2. Click Requests.
  3. From the drop-down menu that appears, select whether you want to view tickets you created (Created by me), your team's tickets (<team name>), or your company’s tickets (All).

Ticket search

Once you've made your Requests menu selection, a tabular request list appears. Use the text search or filters (status, source, and request type) to further narrow ticket results.


Click a ticket in the search results list to see its details. This is the same page you saw post-submission with the same options.

Ticket status

A ticket has an OPEN status when first created before transitioning to IN DEV. During issue resolution, a ticket can have one of the following statuses:

  • IN DEV - A solution is being developed.

  • PENDING - Waiting on more customer information.

  • VALIDATING - Waiting for customer to close or reopen the ticket based on proposed issue resolution.

  • REOPENED - Proposed resolution is not satisfactory to customer during VALIDATING, and they have reopened the ticket.

  • POST MORTEM - A workaround fixed the issue and Pismo is developing a more permanent solution.

  • CLOSED - Issue has been resolved to customer satisfaction.

  • MONITORING - Incident resolved. Pismo is investigating the root cause.

Pending process

A ticket's status goes to PENDING if Pismo needs any additional information to continue working on your ticket. After answering the questions, you must click To Do for Pismo to see your answers. If no action is taken within 5 business days, the ticket goes automatically to Validating.


Validating process

Once Pismo has resolved an issue, the ticket’s status changes to VALIDATING. At that point, you can either choose Closed, to close the request, or Reopened, to reopen it if you are not satisfied. If no action is taken within 120 hours, the ticket is automatically closed.