Transfer funds

Transfers funds between a source (from) and destination (to).

The to and from objects contain information about one of the following payment methods:

  1. account - Platform merchant or customer account
  2. card - Credit card stored in a digital wallet, known as a card on file
  3. custom_info - Custom payment information, usually about an external account
  4. merchant - Platform merchant


You can use this endpoint to make the following types of transfers:

  • Pismo platform account to Pismo platform account (P2P)
  • Pismo platform account to merchant account (P2M)
  • Card to platform account (P2P with card)
  • Pismo platform account to merchant account with card (P2M with card)
  • Merchant account to merchant account (M2M)
  • Cashin
  • Cashin with card
  • Cashout
  • Cashout with card
  • Payment, which requires token (code) from creating payment request

See the Examples drop-down menu for sample payloads for each of these transfer types. See the Make transfer guide for more details on these transfer type use cases.

This endpoint generates an authorization-event-1 event.

NOTE: This endpoint requires an account-specific access token. Getting an account token requires you to call the Get OpenID access token endpoint with an account ID. Tokens can expire quickly, which can result in an Unauthorized message.

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