Create installment advancement

Creates an installment advancement for an account. An installment advancement moves one or more future installments to the current cycle.

A contract is a special type of transaction that describes the number of installments, the total amount, and overall information about the credit operation. It's not posted on the client statement. An account can have one or more contracts.
To advance all future installments for all contracts in an account, set the condition field to ALL_CONTRACTS.
To advance installments for a single contract, set condition to SINGLE_CONTRACT, and set transaction_id to the transaction ID of the contract. Optionally, you can specify the number of installments to advance in the number_of_installments_to_advance field. For example, if number_of_installments_to_advance is set to 2, then the next two future installments are advanced. If this field is not set, then all future installments for the specified contract are advanced. Note, that number_of_installments_to_advance is ignored if condition is set to ALL_CONTRACTS.

To remove 100% of the interest on the advanced installment(s), set the remove_interest_from_current field to true.
To advance 100% of future interest along with the advanced installment(s), set the remove_interest_from_current field to false, and set condition to NONE or leave it out. (The default value for condition is NONE.)
To recalculate the interest that is applied to the advanced installments(s) based on the day the operation is requested, set remove_interest_from_current to false, and set condition to PRESENT_VALUE.

This endpoint generates an Installment advanced event.

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