Pix-out transfer

Perform a Pix-out transfer.

If you are using a key or QR code, you need to call Validate DICT key or Get and validate QR code before calling this endpoint. You need to enter the end_to_end_id returned from those calls here. Validation and transaction need to occur within 10 seconds. If you are not using a key or QR code, this endpoint generates and returns an end_to_end_id value you can use in other endpoints.

The end_to_end_id field is a Brazil Central Bank (BCB) requirement to track Pix transactions. Basically, there are two steps to a Pix transaction: 1. Initialize a transaction and 2. Confirm a transaction. The end_to_end_id is sent to the BCB in both steps in order to identify all transaction information.

This endpoint generates a Pix-out notification received event and a Pix reconciliation notification received event.

This endpoint also generates a Pix-in notification received event when the funds are deposited in the payee's account, which can be a Pismo account or an external account.

For all events, the status or result field indicates operation success or failure.

For more information, see the Pix instant payments guide.

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