Save Interest Rates for account

Endpoint to save interest rate for a specific account.
If there is an existing account transaction category with the same account_id and transaction_category_id, it will be canceled and the incoming request will replace the old one.
For an interest rate, for example fine_rate, the field fine_rate or fine_rate_multiplier_percent must be informed. It's not allowed to inform both.
This rule is valid for all interest rate fields.
But, you can combine fixed amounts and multipliers for different interest rates.
For when to apply the interest rate, enter either Start_cycle or start_date. You cannot enter both fields.
The start_date must be greater than the current date. Start_cycle must be equal to or greater than the current account cycle.
Important: For the interest rate multiplier percentage, 1 represents 100%, 0.7 represents 70%, and so on. This means you can give a discount or increase the customer's interest rate.
Also, zero is a valid value. So, if you enter zero, the platform accepts it. This multiplier will be applied to the interest rate of all transactions.
For more information, see the AccountTransactionCategorySaveRequest schema

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