Post float cash-in

Allows users to submit float cash in payments to the Pismo platform. It supports posting credits to an account, as well as facilitating fund transfers between accounts.

To post a credit you must provide a valid processing_code for credit and recipient's external_account_id.

See the Examples drop-down menu for a sample payload.

For more information about payments operations, see the Corporate Banking Launch Reference guide.


  • This endpoint requires an account-specific access token. Getting an account token requires you to call the Get OpenID access token endpoint with an external account ID. Tokens can expire quickly, which can result in an Unauthorized message.

  • A request where float_amount is equal or greater to total_amount returns a bad request error.

  • The metadata field is updated to include corporate_metadata object with the following fields:

    • credit_external_account_id
    • authorization_type
    • business_date
    • float_amount
    • settlement_date
  • The corporate_metadata attribute must be an object, any other type mismatch results in an error.

Each payment created generates the following events:

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