Pay bank slip

In Brazil, bank slips, known as Boleto Bancarios or simply Boletos in Portuguese, are a popular payment method for various services, bills, and purchases. When a payment needs to be made, the recipient (such as a business or service provider) generates a Boleto with the necessary payment details, such as the recipent's information, the payment amount, due date, barcode, and other relevant information.

Pismo works with BTG Pactual, Celcoin, and Itaú to implement Boleto payments. In the future, Pismo may work with additional financial companies.

This endpoint generates the following events:

  • Authorization created - This event contains bank slip information (beneficiary name and document number, digitable line, amount, payment date, interest/fine and discount (if any)) in the metadata field.

  • Financial bankslip status changed - Before clearing, a bank slip's status is PAID. After clearing, Pismo changes its status to SETTLED.

  • Integrated payments financial reconciliation- This event is generated after the transaction has been cleared and accounts debited or credited. If x-skip-conciliation is true or the provider is JD Consultores, this event is not generated.

See Bank slips for more information.

Important: You need to call Validate bank slip before calling this endpoint and pass the external_authorization field value if it is returned from that call here.

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