Create dispute form

Create a dispute form for more information to send to the network.

You can create one of the following types of Expediated Dispute Billing Forms (EDBF):

  1. fraudDrfDocument - Used for cases of fraud

  2. cardholderDisputeChargebackDrfDocument - Used when the cardholder disputes a purchase and notifies the card issuer.

  3. pointOfInteractionErrorsDrfDocument - Used when there's either a disagreement between parties or an error with the transaction. For example, a wrong value or a duplicate charge.

For VISA, you need to fill out the collaborationQuestionnaire form object. VISA's rules for filling out form fields can be found in the following two VISA documents:

Please, contact the team-disputes to request the documents.

  1. VISA collaboration spreadsheet #1
  2. VISA collaboration spreadsheet #2
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