Update card status

Change a card's status.
Initially, the default status for a physical card is CREATED, though you can override this in your program configuration to be NORMAL. After activation, it changes to NORMAL and can never transition back. The default status for a virtual card is NORMAL, since it does not need to be activated.

Possible card statuses:

  • CREATED - Created in the system.
  • NORMAL - Active and eligible for transactions. Default for virtual cards.
  • BLOCKED - Temporarily blocked until further status changes. Before a physical card's activation, its card's status is BLOCKED. When a Reissue card request is made, the status is changed to BLOCKED.
  • PENDING - Created and is pending until further processing, such as account verification. Until then, transactions are disabled.
  • WARNING - A general alert flag is set and transactions are disabled. After investigation, it could, typically, transition to FRAUD or revert back to NORMAL.

Card termination statuses - transactions disabled and cannot be changed.

  • LOST - Reported lost
  • ROBBED - Reported stolen
  • EXPIRED - Card date expiration reached
  • DAMAGED - Reported damaged
  • FRAUD - Fraud is suspected
  • CANCELED - Canceled
  • DELETED - Deleted

This endpoint generates an update-1 event.

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