Create earmark

Create an earmark.
An account holder can use an earmark to hold the needed funds in reserve until an specified release date and time.
Optionally, the account holder can schedule a payout for the release date and time.
At the specified date and time, an automatic process releases the earmarked funds and settles the payout.
If no release_datetime is set, the account holder's fund is held indefinitely until the customer calls to cancel.
It is also possible to force an earmark creation by not performing any regular validations, such as account status, account balance, or flex controls validations.

This endpoint produces the follow events:


  • This endpoint requires an account-specific access token. Getting an account token requires you to call the Get OpenID access token endpoint with an external account ID. Tokens can expire quickly, which can result in an unauthorized message.
  • The events authorization-event-1 and creation include "corporate_metadata" in the "metadata" and "details" fields respectively. The "corporate_metadata" contains the following fields:
    • debit_external_account_id: The debited account in the creation operation.
    • earmark_id: The created earmark id.
  • The event earmark only contains internal_operation that refers to the operation performed (Earmark creation).
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