9 January 2023



📍Account limits endpoints

The following new account limits endpoints are now available and are added to the list of endpoints that require an account-specific token:

The following account limits endpoints are now deprecated and will be deactivated on July 31, 2023:

  • List account limits (deprecated)
  • Update account limit (deprecated)
  • Update account maximum limit (deprecated)

📍 New card script guide, event, and endpoints

Issuers can configure scripts for embossed, physical cards that are run on the chip at the next authorization. Typically, they are used to update a password or grant additional capability, such as allowing a debit card to also be used for credit.

One new Card scripts guide, two new endpoints, and one new event are now available:

  • Append issuer script endpoint appends issuer script to card that will be applied at the next authorization.
  • Append update PIN issuer script endpoint appends issuer script to update the card PIN that will be applied at the next authorization.
  • The issuer_script-1 event occurs when card script endpoint is called or when the script is sent for execution on the chip and when it succeeds or fails.

📍 Cards API updates

  • The Reissue physical card endpoint has been renamed to Reissue card as it now can be used to reissue both physical and virtual cards.
  • The following parameter fields are new on the Create card and Reissue card endpoints:
    • printed_name, name that appears on embossed card
    • embossing_group, embosser that will be notified about card creation.
  • On the Reissue card endpoint, the field metadata (custom metadata info to send to the embosser) is new also.
  • In addition to the Get card info with PAN endpoint which passes a PAN as clear text, a new endpoint Get card info with encrypted PAN is now available. It requires the caller to set up encryption/decryption with Pismo using public/private keys.

📍New parameters for installment payments

The Create installments payment endpoint now offers two new optional parameters:

  • skip_balance_validation allows you to skip account balance validation for installment operations.
  • financed_charge object allows financed charges in the principal_amount to be described and posted in accounting only. To define a new financed charge type field, you must contact a Pismo representative.

📍New parameters for listing program parameters

The List program parameters endpoint has been expanded with new query parameters: status, names, category, validUntil, and validFrom.

📍New clearing event and examples

The Authorization events page now includes the new clearing event and different examples of it.

📍New Business Category in Merchants API

In the Merchants API, the new section Business Category features two new endpoints:

📍Pismo Console updates

  • The Platform legacy tool is now deactivated. The user and program management functionalities it had have been migrated to the Pismo Console.
  • New Audit screen enables Pismo Console users with the appropriate permissions to search the change history of user activities within your Org.
  • Console authentication (2FA and password self-reset) has been updated with information about user confirmation by email after creation and password reset.
  • New Program parameters reference guide now contains information about the available program types.


📍 Seller management documentation

📍New Banking as a Service guide

New Banking as a Service (BaaS) guide explains a new business model where a bank or other financial institution extends its financial operations and infrastructure to serve non-financial client organizations.

📍Scheduled report files updates

Updated Scheduled report files guide and made the following updates in this section:

📍 Statement APIs merge

The two Statement APIs have been merged and edited. Category and endpoint names have been streamlined and reorganized.

📍 Cancel transfer updates

The Cancel transfer guide has been streamlined to refer to the Cancel transfer endpoint reference for comprehensive descriptions of available fields. The processing_codes field description was updated to clarify not to use a reversal processing code in this field since the endpoint processes a reversal operation, automatically gathering the reversal processing code.

📍 Anti-fraud integration

The Anti-fraud integration guide now includes the following updates:

  • New section on how the anti-fraud system can overwrite a Pismo platform decision with the force_approve parameter.
  • New examples of the raw data messages for both Visa and Mastercard.
  • Remove several unused fields from the response payload example.

📍 Updated Postman collection

Updated the Create account application endpoint in the Sample project with basic authentication to use the latest version.

📍 Backdating payments

Updated payment_datetime field description on the Transfer funds endpoint and note in the Get an account's balance history guide.

📍 Updated Sample project with OpenID authentication

Updated Sample project with OpenID authentication to clarify how to get an API key from a Pismo representative and how to use it.

📍Updated Installments payment guide

Updated Installments payments guide with additional details and added three new sections: