2023-05-08 changelog

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Disputes can now be created for the ELO card network.

Create dispute and Create dispute installment endpoints now include fraud_type, document_indicator, and currency_code fields.

📍New statements endpoints

New Change account overdue status endpoint can be used to change an account’s overdue status back to normal.

The following new statements endpoints are available for updating, getting, and deleting program parameters that take an array of values:

📍Daily account account balance limits

New Get daily account balance limits endpoint is now available. The Get daily account balance limits guide has been updated accordingly.

📍Authorization validations

In Authorization validations, changed response codes for the ELO network:

  • Custom code FAT - Old RC 63 - New RC 82
  • Custom codes FR5, FRN, and FRE - Old RC 63 - New RC 82
  • Custom code UBT - Old RC 78 - New RC 62
  • Custom code BNW - Old RC 59 - New RC 62
  • Custom code CPE - Old RC 14 - New RC 62

New validation code - FR3 - has been added. FR3 refers to an error message that may be displayed while processing a transaction with a card.

📍Corporate banking

The following new corporate banking endpoints support external_account_id.

In the Payments group:

In the Accounts group:

In the Transactions group:

📍Banking reports

The new banking reports API from retail banking includes two endpoints:

📍Transaction events

Transaction create-1 and update-1 events include the new authorization_tracking_id field. This unique ID can be defined by the customer when creating a non-network transaction via API or can be created automatically while a network transaction is created, according to the Universally Unique Identifier (UUID) concept. Examples of possible values for the tracking ID are:

  • 123e4567-e89b-12d3-a456-426614174200
  • 00112233-4455-6677-8899-aabbccddeeff

Also, transaction events documentation is now in line with the new standards.

📍Accounting event field

In the accounting entry_creation-1 event, the new authorization_date field is now available. The AuthorizationDate field is also available in the accounting events report files.

📍Hold funds processing codes

You can now create processing codes for hold funds functionality. See Processing codes and transaction types for more information.

📍Migrations updates

  • On the Migrate accounts endpoint, marked acquisition_channel as deprecated, updated collection_status to consider only NORMAL and OVERDUE financial statuses (removed REFINANCING), and removed cid and tenant fields and all references to them.
  • On the Migrate PCI cards endpoint, updated the description, updated the server URL to https://gw-pci.pismolabs.io/migrations, and updated description for migration.id.
  • On the Migrate cards endpoint, updated maximum length of the printed_name field to 26, changed the type field to only contain PLASTIC and VIRTUAL (removed RECURRING and TEMPORARY).
  • On the Migrate transactions and Migrate statements endpoints, updated maximum length for migration.id from 60 to 100.
  • The two PCI endpoints Migrate PCI cards and Migrate PCI cards Go Live now include the reminder note to use the https://gw-pci.pismolabs.io environment.

📍Orgs endpoints decommission

The following unused Orgs API endpoints have been deprecated:

Put - /v1/orgs/:orgId  
Get - /v1/orgs/items  
Get - /v1/orgs/:orgId/operations  
Put - /v1/orgs/:orgId/operations  
Get - /v1/parameter_types  
Get - /v1/programstypes  
Get - /v1/programs/:programId/parameterstypes  
Get - /v1/programs/:programId/parameters/:parameterId  
Put - /v1/programs/:programId/parameters/:parameterId  
Get - /v1/programs/:programId/scheduled-parameters  
Get - /v1/programs/:programId/scheduled-parameters/:parameterId  
Post - /v1/programs/:programId/scheduled-parameters  
Put - /v1/programs/:programId/scheduled-parameters/:parameterId  
Patch - /v1/programs/:programId/scheduled-parameters/:parameterId  
Post - /v1/programs  
Put - /v1/programs/:programId  
Post - /v1/programs/:programId/cedente/email  
Post - /v1/programs/:programId/cedente/sms  
Get - /v1/orgs/templates/:name  
Post - /v1/orgs/templates/:name  
Put - /v1/orgs/templates/:name  
Get - /v2/orgs/:orgId/programs/:programId/email-templates/:templateName  
Post - /v1/programs/:programId/program_transaction_types  
Get - /v1/program_transaction_types/:programTransactionTypeId  
Put - /v1/program_transaction_types/:programTransactionTypeId  
Get - /v1/programs/:programId/program_transaction_types

The decommission schedule for these endpoints is as follows:

  • May 2, 2023 - removal from the EXT environment
  • May 17, 2023 - removal from the production environment


📍Developer portal usability

The following updates now make the Pismo developer portal more user-friendly:

  • Introduced the show/hide feature to expand the section.
  • Developed a solution for displaying and formatting larger tables.
  • Made the top navigation bar sticky.
  • Updated callout box icons and format.
  • Made the search bar bigger and more prominent.
  • Removed the Instagram link and icon from the footer.
  • Added introduction to the main changelog page.

📍Updated credit card collection file

Sample project for basic authorization now links to an updated credit.zip file. The Postman collection and environment files in credit.zip have been updated to reflect changes in several endpoints.

📍Accounts documentation

  • The new Address and phone objects guide combines information necessary to create and manage account and phone objects.
  • The Address and Phone endpoints have been reorganized and updated and the required fields have been marked appropriately.

📍Account limits report

The Account limits report files now includes the HeldFunds field.

📍Data and reporting

📍Pismo Console

  • The new Managing processing codes and transaction types guide explains how to work with processing codes and transaction types in the Pismo Console.
  • Functionality from the Pismo's legacy Backoffice web application is now available in the Pismo Console via the Backoffice and CRM tabs on the Console main screen.

📍Assets documentation

Assets documentation has been enhanced with the new Assets overview and Asset data events guides.

📍Timeline events

Timeline events overview has been rewritten to be clearer about what timeline events are and how you should implement them.

📍Card issuing

The following new guides are now available:

The “Cards overview” guide has been renamed to Cards management to more accurately reflect its purpose.

📍Accruals endpoints

Renamed two endpoints in Statements > Accruals:

📍Account attributes

In the Account attributes guide, clarified that the external ID is unique only for the organization.