4 August 2023

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📍Corporate banking

The following new bank statements endpoints are now available.

📍Hold funds

The new Cancel transfer of held amount is now available. For details, see Hold funds.

📍Keys management and infractions

The following new key resources endpoints are now available.


The following new migration endpoints are now available.

Updates and fixes

📍Account limits

Total installment credit limit is now supported. For details, see Account limits and Update account limits. The total_installment_credit_limit field has been added to the change_available-1 and limit_changed-1 events.

📍Accounting event

On the accounting entry_creation-1 event, added the installment_number field.

📍Corporate banking

Earmarks endpoints, such as Create earmark, have been updated to revise the error message for invalid accounts.

Added pagination to the Get account balance history endpoint.

Fixed the payment_datetime field in the Post a payment endpoint to clarify the purpose.

Fixed the API reference to point the five bank statements endpoints, such as Get account balances, to the correct URL.

Earmarks updated HTTP status code 400 to handle a duplicated tracking ID when executing payment transactions and calling the Transfer held amount endpoint.

📍Data and reporting

On Accounting events report files, added the Authorization_ID and InstallmentNumber fields.

On Transactions ISS report files, added the AuthorizationType field.


The country_code field is now required on the Copy program and Create program based on template endpoints.


📍Events documentation

The change_available-1 event documentation has been improved with the new title and more detailed and standardized descriptions.

The following events now include minimum and maximum field values:

Removed the URL column from the Data events pages to avoid duplicated information.

Added deprecation notice to the Adjustments data events.

On Transaction data events, added clarification that idempotency on the creation-1 event must be controlled by the transaction id field.

📍Guide reorganization

In the ongoing effort to improve content presentation on the portal, the guide categories have been aligned to match Pismo product areas.

📍API reference renaming

The following API reference sections have been renamed.

📍Instant payments

Instant payments overview guide was updated to reflect Pismo products for both Pix (Brazil) and Faster Payments (UK), with the scalability to other regional instant payments systems.

Faster Payments guide is now available.

📍Marketplace API documentation

Updated the Marketplace API reference to conform with new standards and documented the following missing endpoints.

📍Statistics search

The Statistics search guide describes how to use the endpoint and includes code samples for both success and failure.

📍Transactions documentation

Transactions overview now streamlines relevant information in one guide.