2022-01-19 changelog



📍 Fraud dispute management for Visa issuers
Clients will be able to open disputes for the Allocation Fraud workflow at VROL without the need to open the VROL interface. Also, disputes statuses will be automatically updated if it is between the dispute submission and the pre-arbitration stages. NetworkBrandType is a new mandatory field to control in which card network the client will open the dispute.

📍 Dispute management for Visa and Mastercard issuers
If an issuer has access to both Visa and Mastercard disputes platforms, the client can now open disputes at Mastercard or Visa with the same endpoint by just defining the card network.

📍 New credit card minimum payment engine
New credit card minimum payment engine enables clients to set their credit card minimum payment composition in terms of percentages (Transactions Categories). This engine encompasses both transactions from the current statement balance and previous statement balances. Update Interest Rates

📍 Manage dispute trust credit on the primitive workflow
Change dispute status - When changing dispute status on the primitive workflow, you can now provide trust credit or reinclude purchases as optional parameters.

📍 EBDF and SAFE autofilling applied for installments
By using the auto-filling endpoints passing dispute installments, the clients can now generate SAFE and EBDF forms for installments. This gives more flexibility to decide which installment to open chargebacks on.

📍 Support for larger queries in the timeline endpoint
List events from an account timeline using cursor paging - When you GET timeline events, the response can be no larger than 1 MB (or less if limit the maximum number of items). As a workaround, you can now make additional requests using the next_cursor field to get more events.

Updates and fixes

📍 Documentation updates