2022-04-04 changelog

Authorizations Banking Cards Documentation Flex Controls


📍 Combination cards and card modes

The Pismo platform now offers a new and recommended way to create combo cards. Your customer can use a combination card, associated with two programs/accounts at once, to perform both debit and credit transactions. To create a combo card, set the mode_type parameter in the create card endpoint to COMBO. To create a relationship between existing cards, use the new combination card endpoint. You can create, list and update card modes.

📍Payee registry management

You now have access to new endpoints to manage the registry of payees. You can create, list, search and activate payee registries. This allows the platform to check whether the destination of a cash-out operation is a registered payee or not.

Updates and fixes

  • New validation codes for authorization events - Now you have new fields for a better management of the card and authorization lifecycle. Added the BNM, LCT, LNF, and LAE custom codes, removed the BNB code, and updated the CSU code.

  • Flexible transaction controls - Added two new fields (beneficiary_id and override_controls) as well as an example to create a flex control that defines a beneficiary and overrides existing controls.

  • Create flex controls for currencies - You can set flex controls to limit transactions by their currency_code for an account and/or a customer.

  • Reset the accumulators for flex controls You can set flex controls to reset their accumulators on the same day of the month, every month, at the account and customer levels.

  • New variables to create flex controls - Added two new fields: beneficiary_id and override_control. With the beneficiary_id field, you can create or update an account flex control for a specific beneficiary. With the override_control field, you can create a list to override previously created controls for an account.

📍 Documentation updates

  • Authorization events - Added the authorization_incremental event type.

  • Adjustments overview - This new guide explains how to use adjustments to manage account balances in the Pismo platform.

  • Credit card refinancing - This new group of guides explore contract operations performed over credit card balances and statements.

  • Get transactions - Added the authorizationTrackingId and ids fields and their descriptions to the Get transactions guide.

  • Accounting overview - Updated images in the guide.

  • Disputes setup guide - This new guide explains the steps to follow when setting up your disputes process with Visa and Mastercard.