2022-05-16 changelog

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📍New transaction balances endpoint
A new endpoint to list balance details for credit card transactions is now available.

📍New embossing endpoints for noname cards
Noname cards, which are batch-generated, have two new endpoints to manage their embossing configuration - Update noname card embossing group and Get noname card embossing group

📍New update beneficiary endpoint
A new endpoint to update the name and alias of a beneficiary of a bank account is now available.

Updates & Fixes

📍 New error code for customer flex controls
Implemented a new error code for the create new customer flex control endpoint. When the customer does not belong to the domain of the organization (Org_ID), the platform will now return the 403 error code, as per HTTP standard for secure calls.

📍Updated validations of credit adjustment types
Implemented new validations for the adjustments API in the following credit adjustment type scenarios:

  • Prevent the creation of credit adjustment types in cases where isCredit = 1 and ValidateBalance = 1.
  • Stop validating the balance if the adjustment type has isCredit = 1

📍Documentation updates