2022-03-07 changelog

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📍 Deprecation of the Change printed name endpoint

The update card information endpoint can now be used to change the name printed on a card via the printed_name field. The change printed name endpoint is phased out and will be removed after May 28, 2022.

📍 New feature to override BIN values

Bank identification number (BIN) values, used to generate a card's PAN at card creation, are currently configured at the program level along with type (credit or debit). Accounts and cards created under a program share the same type. With the new BIN override feature, different cards can be tied to the same account and jointly consume the same account balance. For example, a prepaid virtual card could consume the same balance as a debit card.

📍 New feature to paginate account timeline

A new endpoint is available to list events from an account timeline, using cursor pagination when the query result is larger than 1 MB. For more information, visit Timeline events guide.

📍 New authorization events

The authorization_replacement and confirmation_replacement events are now available. For more information, visit Authorization events guide.

Updates and Fixes

📍 Integrity queue in the payments-api cancellation workflow

The payments cancellation flow now uses the Pismo platform integrity queue to ensure requests are processed correctly. If a transfer cancellation fails due to an internal integrity failure, you will receive an HTTP status 202 response. This means the Pismo platform will process the cancellation of the operation asynchronously when the failure is solved.

📍 Validation of account and payload for transfer requests

The make a transfer endpoint now validates the request body, ensuring that the account_id present in the token matches the account_id in the FROM or TO fields of the request.

📍 Documentation updates