2021-12-27 changelog



📍 Mark a dispute as processed in Mastercom
With the new acknowledge dispute endpoint, you will be able to move claims from unworked queues to worked queues directly in the Pismo platform, without having to use the Mastercom UI.

📍 Create and update fraud reports to Mastercard’s fraud and loss database
With this feature, you can automate the filling and updating of fraud reports via Mastercom, also known as System to Avoid Fraud Effectively (SAFE) or Fraud and Loss Database. For fraud disputes, it is a mandatory form, so automating it will eliminate or mitigate the need to allocate back-office operators to fill this form in such cases.

📍 Improved accrual management
With the new accrual management endpoints, you have granular control of your accruals by being able to list, summarize, and mark accruals as settled for each of the accrual categories (refinancing, taxes, late payment and fines) separately.

Updates & Fixes

📍 Documentation updates

The following documentation updates are now available: