2022-06-06 changelog

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📍 New OpenID authentication method
A new OpenID authentication method was added. This feature allows you to generate your own access keys that Pismo will sign and return with a valid token. You can learn how to use "Pismo's authentication method" in the new guide page.

📍 New get exchange rates endpoint
A new endpoint to get exchange rates is now available. It returns a paginated list of registered exchange rates. You can filter by program and registration date range.

📍 New cancel forced operations endpoint
A new endpoint now allows you to cancel a forced operation. This endpoint only works with the total amount of an existing forced operation. This endpoint generates the authorization cancellation event.

📍 New program parameter to set Non-business days
Added the NON_BUSINESS_DAYS parameter. The parameter allows you to form an integer composed of the non-business days of the week Accepts an integer composed by the union of the following possibilities.

1 - Monday
2 - Tuesday
3 - Wednesday
4 - Thursday
5 - Friday
6 - Saturday
7 - Sunday.

For example, in Brazil, Saturday and Sunday are not business days, so NON_BUSINESS_DAYS = 67. In Índia, only Sunday is not business day, so NON_BUSINESS_DAYS = 7. If in a hypothetical country Friday, Saturday and Sunday are not business days, NON_BUSINESS_DAYS = 567. This parameter only affects credit programs and you can change it in the Pismo Console.

📍 New Cards on file API reference
The cards on file api reference was revamped. Renamed the Register card on file endpoint to Create card on file, and the List stored cards endpoint to Get account cards on file.

New endpoint structure:

  • Create card on file - this is a new V3 endpoint, the V2 endpoint of the same name is deprecated
  • Update card on file
  • Get account cards on file
  • Get card on file
  • Create card validation
  • Get card validations
  • Get card validation
  • Get card validation amount
  • Submit validation try
  • Delete card metadata

Updates & Fixes

📍 Support to multi-currency
The endpoint to create exchange rates will now accept all numeric codes in the ISO 4217. Previously, the platform only allowed the registration of the US dollar origin and Brazilian real destination.

📍 New parser version and updates to the network message event
A new version of the parser has been released. The Card network authorization return event now includes two new fields, anti_fraud_http_status_code and response_raw, with the anti-fraud API response.

📍 New error code for account flex controls
Implemented a new error code for the create new account flex control endpoint. If you try to create a flex control for an account that does not belong to the organization (Org_ID), the platform will now return the 403 error code, as per HTTP standard for secure calls.

📍 Flex control evaluations in UTC 0 time
Flex control evaluations are performed in the UTC 0 time now. The description of the time_now body parameter is updated accordingly.

📍 New datetime attribute for the available update event
A new attribute (available_update_datetime) was included in the Change Available event. It shows the date that the balance was impacted in the Ledger, in the UTC format.

📍Documentation updates